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Time Travel is Possible in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana


Welcome - Bienvenue!Stroll the quaint downtown streets of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana and you'll find yourself transported back to a time before life became hectic. Down here, neighbors still know you by name. Breaux Bridge is the gateway to authentic Cajun culture in south Louisiana. We have traditional Cajun and funky Zydeco music, world-famous cuisine, and a rich history filled with interesting stories.

If you're looking for the typical theme park experience, you're in the wrong place. But if you're looking for a unique cultural adventure, you'll find it right here in Breaux Bridge.

If your interests are on the business side, don't let the old world charm fool you. Fast forward to the present and you'll see that underneath our relaxed and friendly pace lies a solid infrastructure, ready to support more successful ventures like the ones in place already.

So have a look around. You won't be the same after a visit to Breaux Bridge.

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